Injured wing, several shows cancelled


I’m sorry to report all 4 shows this weekend are cancelled. While washing dishes (quite vigorously and rather effectively) my hand slipped and a very sharp chef’s knife left a very deep cut behind my knuckle through the skin and on my extensor tendon (luckily not severed).
Everything will heal back to normal, but it will take some time. I was excited for my return to Vin Santo, Hopmonk, and Rancho Nicasio but alas my excitement remains yet is merely delayed. Sorry to everyone that planned on coming to the shows this weekend. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support. I promise I’ll never do the dishes ever again!

On a brighter note, Kauai and Maui were amazing as always and the shows were as fun as ever. I’ll be back on Kauai in a few weeks.

As of now shows cancelled til further notice. If its longer than a few days I may have to come back as a left handed keyboard looping show for a few. We shall see.